Creamy Basil Pesto

It’s near on impossible to find pesto in a supermarket or deli that doesn’t contain parmesan - and being an avid basil-pesto-pasta fan, this was an issue.

Cashew Nut Carbonara

As simple as its namesake, this dish was the first time I ever experimented with blending cashews. I used to think you needed a fancy-ass food processor to make food like this but my £15 whiz stick has been doing the trick, no sweat. 

Easy Vegetable Dhal

This vegetable dhal is as quick to make as it is delicious - it took me 20 minutes while procrastinating over my next blog entry! Best of all, you can substitute the ingredients with whatever vegetables you already have in the cupboard.

Ginger Kombucha

I make kombucha fairly regularly and swear by it. It’s a magical gut-healing drink packed full of probiotics and good bacteria - and when I drink it daily I notice an unquestionable improvement in general digestive health.

The Cheese Cravings

‘Which food do you miss the most?’ It’s the number one question I’m asked when someone new finds out I’m vegan. And the answer is never a surprise to anyone - cheese. But how good is cheese?

Let's save the world

Caring for the environment is definitely cool right now. If you’re looking for an excuse to go vegan, and can’t bring yourself to tell your family and friends it’s ‘because of the animals’ - tell them it’s for the environment, and I promise everyone will leave you alone.

Friends not Food

Certainly one of the most divisive reasons someone would cut out meat and dairy is for the animals. It’s beyond me how one can feel outraged at the seasonal slaughter of whales, or the poaching of a single lion - when, in the UK alone, around 22 million animals including cows, pigs and chickens are slaughtered every day.