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So veggies are... healthy?

So veggies are... healthy?

Fair warning, the following statement could rock your world. I’ve never eaten meat. Not once, not even just to try it. And somehow - I’m still alive. Not just alive, but in fact, rather healthy.

I ran my first half marathon last year, I can’t remember the last time I went to the doctor, I’m not lacking in iron and I found I had even more energy after transitioning from vegetarian to vegan. And no, I don’t take any supplements - and never have. Call me a human case study, but the results of this wacky, scientific experiment are pretty clear. Yes, it’s possible to be healthy without meat in your diet. Would you ask a gorilla (the strongest land mammal on the planet - and a herbivore) where it gets its protein? I’m guessing not.

I’m pretty proud of my parents for raising myself and my two sisters as vegetarians. I’m sure they received many sideways glances, and perhaps even an unwanted ‘education’ from concerned parents. But at a time when vegetarianism was still thought of as weird, hippy, and unhealthy, they stuck to their guns and raised three vegetarian girls - instilling in us all a fiery desire to change the world.

There’s one life changing book called The China Study which outlines, in much more detail than I ever could, the drastic differences between a vegan diet and a meat diet. It’s a book I recommend to everyone - and it’s written by a scientist who grew up on a dairy farm. In short, it’s called The China Study because it compares, in scientific detail, a Western diet and the most common Western ailments, to that of the rural Chinese. The differences between the two are drastic and telling.

To cut a long story short, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis - they’re all common Western diseases and the prevalence of such diseases were almost non-existent in rural China at the time of the study. Even more interesting, when this theory was hypothesised in the lab on rats (sorry rats..) the results were unquestionable. 100% of the test animals were given liver cancer - yet 50% were then fed a diet of animal-based protein, and the other 50% fed a diet solely consisting of plant-based protein. 100% of the rats eating animal-based, died from the cancer. While the 50% who were eating plant-based actually saw their cancers reduce in size, until the majority of those rats were cancer-free.

We’re not saying eating plant-based is a miracle cure, but it’s certainly a massive contributor to overall health. Much like it’s been drilled into us that smoking causes cancer, well, it’s beginning to look like eating meat does too. In fact - in 2016 the World Health Organisation outright said bacon and processed meat were carcinogenic. It may take a few more years to fully sink in, but that’s a massive call - and I’m almost certain it won’t end at bacon.

Friends not Food

Friends not Food